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Export Consultants

Asesoría de Exportación

Export Advisory Services

Consultants in the Compliance of Regulations of Products and Services Exported to The United States of America

Demos Global Group is a company with offices and personnel in the USA, Spain and Italy with over 30 years of experience. We are specialists in compliance with the regulations of products imported into the USA and their compliance at the time of the export to the United States of America and Latin America. At  Demos we are experts in issues related to regulations of the federal and state agencies of the U.S. government such as;  FDA, USDA, EPA, CPSC. As well as all corporate matters including US Federal (IRS) and State Tax regulations.

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Amongst our clients are private companies of all sizes. SMEs, medium-sized and multinational European, Latin American, U.S. and Asian companies, as well as regional and national governments of Europe and Latin America. Also universities, business associations in different sectors, public and private export organizations. We also advise almost all the Chambers of Commerce in Spain and the AMCHAMs throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.


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