FSVP Training Course

The FDA is also responsible for regulating  the FSVP (Foreign Supplier Verification Programs) with respect to the importation of food for human consumption. The latest news from the rules regulated by this body indicate that, as a preliminary step necessary to the import of this type of product, certain guidelines must be met to ensure food safety standards for food imports.

Demos offers the FSVP course aimed at  companies that export food to the U.S.A. Thanks to the certification obtained with this course, taught by our highly skilled instructors, you will be able to import foodstuffs with the tranquility of complying with the FDA regulations.

One of the pillars of the new FSMA law (Food Safety Modernization Act) focuses on the accountability of food importers to the U.S.A. on their suppliers abroad for which, in any case, guarantee maximum food security to ensure the health of all consumers and avoid any possible contamination that pose a risk to your health.

It is for this reason that this certification is of utmost importance, since, in addition to expand the knowledge related to the regulation of foreign suppliers and its’ purpose, it helps to know the requirements of the regulation of the FDA for the implementation of these programs.

The Foreign Supplier Verification Program is focused on the development of appropriate strategies to implement activities to support the implementation of this type of programs. The FSVP Course is aimed at the following profiles:

  • Factory Personnel in the areas of Microbiology, Production, Technicians and Laboratories.
  • Supervisors of Operations / Maintenance.
  • Managers and production and Manufacture.
  • Supervisors of Public Health Inspectors and Sanitary Controls.
  • Professionals Responsible for the Supply Chain and Suppliers.
  • Food Security Personnel.
  • Personnel Responsible for Products.
  • Public Health inspectors.
  • Coordinators of the Quality Systems.


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