Import and Export Consultant

As experts in “Product Regulatory Compliance”, Demos Global Group has advised since its inception hundreds of worldwide companies in all aspects of compliance with FDA, EPA, USDA, CPSC and other regulations in all export and import processes required by the laws of the Federal Government of the United States of America as well as those of all the various states in their different agencies.

In many sectors there is no license or permit required to import some articles. However, there are many details and characteristics of the products which should be taken into account in determining whether there is no requirement for an export permit, or if the  company is subject to special regulations for the development of its; commercial activity in the proper manner.

Another aspect where Demos provides consulting services focuses in the area of Customs and Border Control (Customs and Border Protection). The CBP is the first agency of entry of goods into the USA and has many functions according to federal law, one of them being the direction, control and enforcement of standards for entry to the United States of America. Including the protection of national borders, which is responsible for ensuring that the country’s security thru its’ borders.

An important area where we provide consulting services in exports to the USA is the new Food Safety Modernization Act, FSMA, legislation for foods, which has created a world of additional requirements for exports.  In addition we offer advice for compliance with the standards of food labelling, food safety standards, new requirements in respect of products and manufacturers or any party which intervenes in the production chain of a food or dietary supplement.

The entry into the US market needs a professional advice with qualified personnel expert in export regulation in United States. In Demos Global Group, with the aim to identify the appropriate legislation in those areas, we have the best professionals with 25 years of experience developing actions to help Spanish enterprises to export their products in US with all the guarantee and confidence.

This task involves the survey of needed certifications and the appropriate production process, standard compliance and management systems to assure the quality during the export operations.

Demos Global provides the necessary assistance to ensure compliance with regulations in terms of exports to the United States in these areas:

  • Toy & Game Industry.
  • Furniture and accessories.
  • Textile Design.
  • Industrial equipment. Certificates. Type Approval.
  • Computer products and software.
  • Consumer goods products.


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