EPA Registration Consultants

The Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, is the US Federal Agency that regulates issues of industrial safety, household cleaning products as well as professional cleaning products, construction and green certifications amongst others. Demos Global Group will provide expert advice on all of the regulations of the EPA.

The EPA and the agencies of all the different States regulate everything related with any product that may have any impact on the environment. Although EPA regulates the whole performance in the United States, we should not neglect the regulations of individual States separately. Such as the case of the State of California, which always promotes innovative rules on the subject of environmental regulation along with EPA regulations.

Standards of Environmental Regulation in the United States

There is a wide variety of specific rules depending on the type of product, its impact on the environment and its’ intended use. All these regulations are published by the

EPA and are related to the products, the manufacturer, distributor and anyone that may in any way be related to these types of products.

With an extensive experience of more than 27 years, Demos has advised companies of all sizes, worldwide, in EPA and States regulation matters, as well as EPA permissions, certifications and registries.

Demos Global Group will provide advise with up to date EPA regulations  in the following areas:

  • Registration of cleaning, waste and environmental impact companies.
  • Review of labelling and claims.
  • Analysis of ingredients, content, and guidelines for the protection of the manufacturing company.
  • Maintenance of Records, registered agent, amongst others.


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