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Food Safety Consulting in USA

Demos Global Group is one of the best known companies throughout Europe in food safety by helping countless companies to comply with the new requirements for foreign trade and the standards imposed by the government of the United States of America to all food imports.

We advise and supervise everything related to preventive controls on food safety including comprehensive prevention controls affecting the suppliers and covering all the steps in the food chain, thus minimizing the probability of occurrence of food safety problems or contamination in any sector of the food industry.

We are experts in giving advice for proper development of food processing, dietary supplements, equipment, packing and logistics establishments, etc. Our consultants advice in food safety range from the farm to the consumer’s table, also developing training, consultancy, audits and regulatory compliance systems.

Within Demos board of directors, there are instructors authorized by the Alliance for fresh products, formed by the Produce Safety Alliance through the

prestigious Cornell University in the United States of America, in the area of food safety for fresh and frozen products. Also, Demos has authorized instructors in the areas of fish, seafood and fishery products, all type of food products, process control authorities for low acid and acidified products. Demos covers the whole spectrum of food products regarding specialized authorized trainings and consulting.

Food Safety Certificates for Exports to the U.S.A.

Demos assists companies devoted to food production and subsequent export to the U.S.A. market. For a correct development of this business, companies need to have systems and certificates of food safety management schemes that ensure food quality and safety to ensure the well-being of consumers.

Food safety standards aim to identify and evaluate possible contamination risks to prevent the health of consumers. Demos advises throughout the production process, from the beginning to the stage of distribution and export of the preventive measures that assure  food safety.

The new FSMA Law of the U.S.A. affects all those food companies that export to the U.S.A. It ensures that both the exporting companies and the American companies operate under the same conditions and regulations. Demos prepares, supervises and reviews for all our clients the Manuals of Food Security to ensure regulatory compliance to this and other laws.

Demos teaches courses of PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual), a compulsory certification for food companies that export to the U.S.A. that guarantees knowledge of and compliance with all issues relating to the FSMA Law and are taught by a Lead Instructor or Authorized Instructor, of Demos Global Group.

This type of compulsive certification in food security provides the knowledge to guarantee maximum quality of a food product, which derives into benefits and advantages to food export companies.

In addition, Demos’ food safety consultants provide food safety services. Our consultant teaches you all the necessary courses in food safety for all types of products, such as fish, seafood, fishery products, fresh, frozen, canned juices, meat, and, in general, all the new rules on food safety for the U.S.A. market.

There are many advantages by complying to the new FSMA law imposed by the U.S.A. It will give you a competitive advantage over other companies in your field of products that will not be able to export to the U.S.A.

Your company will be sought by U.S.A. importers that are at great risk by purchasing from suppliers that are not in compliance.

And not least, the health and safety of consumers, that the compliance guarantees.

We have over 25 years of experience in safety consulting and food safety consulting in USA. In addition to the satisfaction of our clients as well as all those that have been certified by our Food Safety Courses is our best recommendation in the development for your company in the implementation and compliance of any of the many food safety laws required by the U.S.A. to export your products into this very important marketplace.

Within the new FSMA Law, there is the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) mandatory for all U.S.A. importers within the industry of foods and dietary supplements, food ingredients, or materials in contact with these products.

Demos´ food safety consultants, offer safety management and prepare Suppliers Verification Instruction Manual for importers in the U.S.A. custom made for the importing company.

In the areas of “Product Regulatory Compliance” Demos also advises on food security in compliance with the other rules:

  • The Prerequisite Programs and Best Practices in the Industry.
  • Food Safety Risks, Chemical, Physical, Environmental and Economically Motivated.
  • Hazard Analysis and Preventive Controls.
  • Control of Preventive Process and Risk Analysis.
  • Preventive Control of Food Allergens.
  • Preventive Control Sanitation.
  • Preventive Control Supply Chain.
  • Procedures for Verification and Validation.
  • The Maintenance of Records.
  • Recall Plan.


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