USDA Regulations Consultants

The United States Department of Agriculture, USDA, is the federal agency responsible for overseeing the agricultural industry in the U.S.A. AND regulating the entry OF agricultural products that come from abroad. As a supervisory body for THESE products, ANY COMPANY that WISHES to export their agricultural products to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA should comply with laws and regulations governed by the USDA.

OUR EXPERTISE In Demos, is to provide advice to all those companies interested in exporting their products to the USA. We offer a comprehensive support for compliance with USDA regulations through audits and different studies that enable the validation of the agricultural products for their subsequent marketing in the USA.

DEMOS  is characterized by the thorough knowledge of all the regulations of the USDA, and will attend to your business requirements so that your product  can enter the US market in an effective and efficient manner.

Regulatory actions for the USDA

Are many and many times complicated.  Our experienced consultants will advise our clients how to meet the specific legislation of the USDA, with thorough and up

to date information  of all the conditions and regulations  of this organism.

The  USDA is responsible for regulating imports of fresh products such as meat, poultry and eggs that are destined for human consumption. Therefore the USDA establishes a series of requirements that must be met, such as animal health certificates to verify the health of the products before entering the US market.

The advice of Demos will focus, among others, in the development of the following actions:

  • Records for companies producing meat and fresh foods or foods from animals.
  • Label approval and analysis of declarations of products.
  • Authorizations for wood raw materials, marketing of plants and other applicable products.
  • Business records and account maintenance.
  • Certifications of food and other organic products.


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