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Commercial Contract Advisor in US

The creation of commercial contracts is part of the day-to-day of companies that have their business activities in the U.S.A. Demos has the expertise and knows how these contracts should be written, including the clauses that comply with International and U.S. Federal  Law. Be it agency contracts, distribution contracts, autonomous contracts or contracts for royalties and licenses. DGG will give you the comprehensive advice to not incur problems or aspects detrimental to your business and assuring the success of your operations.

Types of Commercial Contracts in the United States

Any commercial relationship that occurs in the U.S.A. must take into account the development and drafting of the corresponding commercial contracts that allow the successful completion of any business transaction. In this sense, the United States of America has the US Contract Law, which sets out the best practices when writing this important type of document.

Amongst the different types of commercial contracts more widespread in the U.S.A. are found the exclusive distribution contracts, confidentiality contracts necessary to protect information of operations, manufacturing contracts and brand licensing, contracts of maintenance services and consultancy or commercial contracts of the sales representative for those independent commercial bodies that operate in the U.S.A.  Demos will advice the correct wording of each contract adapted to each company which will be vital to the protection, success and smooth operation of your company.

Consultants in the drafting of commercial contracts

The actions developed by our team of consultants in the area of advice in the drafting of commercial contracts are distinguished by the following:

  • The negotiation of contracts and their implementation.
  • Review of terms and conditions, as well as the general content of the commercial contracts, including but not limited to contracts of sale, distribution, representation, license, joint ventures and strategic alliances among others.
  • Preparation of contracts taking into account the foreign laws, the laws of the U.S.A. and the terms of international treaties in these areas.


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