The Food and Drug Administration has issued a regulation for the industry of sweeteners derived from sugar cane

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a final regulation for the food industry indicating the opinion of the agency that sweeteners derived from sugar cane do not need to be declared on food labels as “evaporated cane juice.” The FDA believes that this term is false or misleading because it suggests that the sweetener is or is made from fruit or vegetable juice and does not reveal that the basic nature of the ingredient and the properties that characterize are those of a sugar.

What are the FDA requirements for food labeling?

In contrast, the Guide recommends that the ingredients currently labeled as “evaporated cane juice” to use the term “sugar” and optionally accompanied by a truthful description, to distinguish the ingredient of other sweeteners made from sugar cane. The FDA encourages companies that commercialize sweeteners or products that contain them to review this Regulation and consider whether your terminology in the labelling to accurately describe the basic nature and properties that characterize the sweetener used derived from sugar cane. The FDA says that would not oppose the use of adhesives to make any necessary changes until the next regularly scheduled label printing.

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