The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) FSVP certification allows foreign (non-US) suppliers to obtain certification following a foreign supplier verification audit.  Demos is prepared to offer a range of services for FSMA compliance.

What are FSMA requirements?

FSVP pre-audit

To identify gaps in your supplier program and control system;

In house training

With all regulatory FCSPA and other Alliances approved courses;

Make sure your complies

With the regulatory status required by FSMA and FSMA, labels reviews, technical services, permits, and all necessary steps for total compliance

VQIP- pre audit compliance

A pre-requisite for importers addressed to their foreign suppliers.

Demos Global is present in all of the Latin American countries and in Europe. Within its staff, there is the most well prepared trainers and experts in each of the areas of the food industries and over 30 years of experience in regulatory matters.