The export of food to the United States is increasingly more controlled by the American authorities in their willingness to carry out  exhaustive controls of all health-related products entering the U.S.A. That is why, from a little over a year ago, all those food companies wishing to export to the U.S. must comply with the new FSMA Law by having a staff member trained in risk analysis based on preventive controls PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual).

This individual, having taken and passed the specialized training course, will be responsible for ensuring along with the most senior officer of the company, that the exported food meets all the requirements and regulations on food safety established by the laws of the United States of America.  In this manner the authorities responsible for the control of American imports guarantee their citizens the highest food security in any and all products from abroad.

Adaptation to the new FSMA Law

As we have commented on occasion, the new FSMA Law approved in September of 2016 has meant a change in legislation to comply for the export of food products to the United States. It is for this reason that Demos offers to all of our clients an integral service, export consulting, so that they’ll  be aware of all the important issues in their food exports.

The adaptation to this legislation will also come by the development of an adequate Food Safety Plan , created and validated by the PCQI qualified personnel. This, in turn, must be approved by the competent authorities, which will validate both, food safety plans and the preventive controls, put in place by the companies before certifying compliance with the USA legislation in this area.

That is why, as expert consultants, we recommend to all the exporting companies training their staff through PCQI courses to equip all companies of this important figure and representative to be able to streamline the processes of verification of food, adapting products to the new US legislation related to food security.

Finally, we remind that the implementation of these new measures and requirements established will be enforced during this year, being small and medium-sized enterprises effective since September 2017.

Good Practices for Regulatory Inspections

Demos Global is one of very few companies authorized by the Alliance to dictate all the specialized courses in different sectors of food, including fish, seafood, fish products, canned, sealed thermal and acidified foods, foreign suppliers, juices, meat, drinks, and hazard analysis among others.

By taking this course you can help your company with the mandatory and voluntary regulatory inspections and audits that the new Law on FSMA requires.